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ladyjulianos asked:

Am I wrong to say that Batman would be victorious in a battle against Spider-Man?




okay.. I can see WHY you and many others would think he would be victorious.


let us first eliminate batman’ greatest power.. PREP TIME! It’s a shoddy plot mechanic.

Any character in the universe could beat any other character if they had unlimited resources, infinite prep time and first strike. It’s nothing to brag about.


and before i get into this I must inform you (and others) that Spider-man is my fave comic book character of all time and Batman is in my top 5. (just in case anyone thinks i am some kind of batman hater)

now that is out of the way.

let me explain you a thing

in a random encounter in like.. a city environment Batman would have absolutely zero chance against spider-man. None. Zip. Nil. Zero. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. Or sunny or raining or snowing.

Spider-man outclasses batman in every department. By a lot. Speed, reflexes, agility, strength, power, durability, endurance..

Spider-man could stand there and let batman hit him and all batman would do is break all the bones in his hand/foot/face/whatever he hits him with.

From range batman wouldn’t be able to hit spider-man with anything. He could either shoot any projectiles out of the air or easily avoid them.

Once they get in close it’s game over, man. Batman may be one of the best fighters in comics but it’s not gonna help him in any way against a guy who could dodge dozens of bullets from several goons firing machine guns at point blank range and can lift a two ton elephant like it’s nothing.

oh and spider sense. So no sneak attacks from batman!

Spider-man would beat him with ease. Ridiculous ease. Spider-man would break the bat.

batfans can argue all day… but no. You can say ‘oh batman beat superman/deathstroke/hal Jordan/wonder woman/blah/etc/whatevs’ alllllll day long and it doesn’t matter.

there’s no plot induced stupidity involved here. It’s as realistic as possible.

and even if you wanna give batman some prep time it still wouldn’t make a difference. an hour? not enough time? 2 hours? nope? 5? neah.

Okay, I’m going to play devil’s advocate. I’d address the hasty dismissal of the “prep time” thing here because it’s safe to assume that if Batman and Spider-man are in a fight it’s probably some sort of random surprise dimension hopping thing, so neither gets prep time. 

Yes, Spider-man is Batman’s physical superior, but he’s not his tactical equal. Spider-man has been bested by much weaker opponents (E.g.: Punisher and Kraven the Hunter) whose skill sets are exact analogies to what Batman brings to the table: weapons and fighting skill. 

In a realistic fight, I say it goes 50/50 in either direction. Batman is quick to deduce an opponents abilities and would like understand the scale of Spidey’s abilities very early on. Considering that Spidey does not use deadly force for the most part we can assume that Bruce will have time to act on this information. A flashbang grenade to disrupt the spider sense and a snare in combination with a knockout gas could spell and easy win for Batman that does require him to actual strike Spider-man which we can agree would be useless. 

In favor of Spider-man he’s so fucking strong that a single blow landed could but Bruce on his ass indefinitely, and while Batman has bested much stronger opponents they are usually not as fast and agile as Spider-man. 

Fight science is not a simple matter of comparing metric numbers. Stronger, faster, taller opponents go down to weaker, slower, opponents all the time, sometimes by luck but often because of a few small differences in tactics. 

So, zero chance? I’m sorry, but the data just isn’t there to support that. You’re reaching for straws, man. Batman is winning that fight 50 to 60 percent of the time. 

It’s a random encounter. They are there to fight. 

Batman wouldn’t have a chance to deduce any kind of abilities that spider-man has other than ‘oh bugger he’s fas- oh hello mother, hello father.’

spider-man was beaten by punisher and kraven because it was part of the plot.

In kraven’s last hunt #1 (web of spider-man #31) he gets hit by a poisoned dart. I am to believe that the guy who has dodged multiple sniper fire got tagged by a much slower moving single projectile. They’re selling it but I’m not buying it.

Is spider-man stood still while batman is throwing this flash grenade? If spider-man is close enough for batman to use a flash grenade then batman is close enough for spider-man to use his webs. Easily.

If batman managed to get into a wide open space (in a city? good luck) then he may have some kind of chance. Some. A little. He’d be able to see spidey coming at him like a spider monkey all jacked up on mountain dew. but then he still has to try and stop spidey before he gets close enough to punch his lungs out. And he’s not catching spidey with anything. He can dodge anything bats throws at him. he can jump great distances. He can fire webs at batman.


basically I am disagreeing with what you said because I don’t think there’s any way he can get spider-man with a flash grenade or knockout gas.

*hits ball in to your court*

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